How it all began

The story of 20 Leagues began in the Summer of 2011.  While adventuring in an uncharted cave in the Casca¡de Mountains near their home in Portland, Oregon, a husband and wife became trapped by a rock slide and were forced to head deeper into the caverns to seek an escape.  Over the course of six days the couple descended, surviving on nothing but water, newt meat, and the irrepressible spirit that comes from wanting to win a six day old argument about whose idea it had been to go spelunking.

With both their flashlight batteries and willpower exhausted, they were certain that madness had them in its grip when they saw a tall, strident figure wearing a diving helmet and a headlamp approach.  ﷯But this was no apparition!  It was world famous Adventurenaut Captain Jules returning from an epic adventure in New Morlock City!
In the days that followed, Captain Jules guided the couple from the damp, dark horror of the caves back to damp, dark comfort of their Portland home, regaling them with tales of his adventurous adventures along the way.  Though it was an average outing for Captain Jules, the experience would forever change the lives of the couple.  No longer could they be content with their humdrum workaday tomfoolery, they instead dedicated themselves to inspiring future generations of Adventurenauts. is the result—an adventure log provides an outlet for Captain Jules to chronicle his exploits and an online store which sells curious oddities and odd curio inspired by or acquired during the Captain’s escapades.  Both are intended to inspire, to intrigue, and to support Captain Jules in his ongoing adventures.  On behalf of the entire cast and crew, we thank you for your support and remind you— Adventure Awaits!

Captain Jules