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20 Leagues
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20 Leagues LLC // 412 Couch #402 // PDX, USA, 97209

  • 20 Leagues began as a New Year’s resolution,
  • To be adventure barons in art’s industrial revolution.
  • A fine artist and a blunt scientist are we two, the crew.
  • We’re commanded by Captain Jules, who’s imaginary (says you).
  • We’re a marital pair sharing an odd, addled brain.
  • We live high in the hills, raising cats, moss, and Cain.
  • We love layers upon layers upon layers upon more.
  • We think art is for everyone, not just the bores.
  • We have thousands of heroes and a couple of fans.
  • We love how squirrels have twee little hands.
  • We like things like concrete people no longer see
  • Our eyes behold beauty in ubiquity
  • We use self-publication for our self-adulation
  • ¡We invert punctuation when we make exclamations!
  • We love the glory days of every craze what had them.
  • We love dioramas to depths you can’t fathom.
  • Our yarns are more woven than we’ll ever confide.
  • If the world is your oyster, we’re the toy prize inside.
  • This makes sense to us, if that makes sense to you.
  • We ‘like like’ you Portland. Hope hope you like us two, too.